14: How to Help Your Teen Get the Most Out of Sports


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Bill Ball is entering his 23rd year as a head football coach and his 18th year as the athletic director at Exeter High School, New Hampshire. He was welcomed into the NHIAA Hall of Fame and had an entire football stadium named after him in his honor. Coach Ball is passionate about teaching teenagers the core fundamentals of sports. Find out more on this week’s episode!

Key Takeaways

  • How can we generate positive experiences when our teens play sports?
  • Focus on the fundamentals. Take the emphasis off of winning.
  • What are some of the biggest mistakes parents make when it comes to their teens playing sports?
  • Parents should not be the one talking to the coach. If your teen has a problem, they need to talk to the coach directly about it.
  • Remember, you are teaching your teen teamwork, sportsmanship, and more.
  • Coach Ball talks about the honor it’s been to have a stadium named after him and his work ethic.
  • There is so much more to sports than just playing the game.
  • Sports is all about learning how to build good relationships with one another.

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“Take the emphasis off of winning and put it towards fundamentals. The value of the game. What you get out of the game.”

“All of us who have played have received so much more than what we’ve given.”

“You have to have trust in your coach, and you have to have realistic expectations.”

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