The Birds Papaya's Sarah Nicole Landry - Struggling With Loneliness, Reclaiming Your Confidence And Sexual Fantasies


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She's back baby! That's right Sarah Nicole Landry (aka The Birds Papaya) is back on WDII this week! And don't be fooled... just because this is her third time on WDII doesn't mean she doesn't have new stories to share. Sarah isn't holding back anything as she tells us 3 stories you've never heard in depth before anywhere else along with why she's reclaiming the narrative on confidence, why it feels like we're in the pain olympics, sex tips, her struggle with loneliness, double double farts, why she goes to therapy, her perinatal experience we didn't see online, mom shaming and the sexual fantasy plot twist you didn't see coming. PLUS, Bailey and Jacci discuss the new Gossip Girl reboot in this week's What's Poppin' segment.

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