RNEU 2020 Conference Q&A Panel | The React Native Show Ep. 2


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Episode 2 RNEU 2020 Conference Q&A Panel In episode 2 of The React Native Show podcast Mike Grabowski host a Q&A panel answering questions from React Native EU 2020 conference. The guests include: - Monica Restrepo - Software Engineer at Major League Soccer - Kudo Chien - Software Engineer at CloudMosa - Eloy Duran - Principal Software Engineer at Microsoft - Ram N - an Engineering Manager at Oculus Some of the questions from the conversation: - What is the status of the React Native re-architecture? - What changes are already shipped and when do we expect to have an update on the rest of them? - Where one can track updates on the re-architecture? - Can we expect a smooth transition path between current and “new” React Native ? - What was the biggest (and latest) performance challenge that you have faced at your job and how did you solve it? What were the takeaways from the solution? - What is the feature that you’re most excited about that’s coming up?

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