FFP 370 | Eat More, Exercise Less, and Lose Weight? | A Women-Centred Approach To Weight Loss | Kitty Blomfield


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Kitty spent most of her adult life dieting. She jumped from one quick fix diet to the next. Shakes, fasting, keto and low carb. You name it she’s done it. She was obsessed with food and felt like she was either restricting or binge eating. She felt happiest when she was thin but she had to starve herself and train 6-7 days a week to maintain it. She had irregular and painful periods, suffered miscarriages, rarely slept through the night; she was bloated, constipated and exhausted. That all changed in 2015 when she met her partner Craig and stumbled across the work of Ray Peat and Emma Sgourakis. What she learned transformed her body and health. It's now Kitty’s mission to free women from restrictive diets, help them restore their metabolisms, balance their hormones and build bodies they love.

Today Kitty joins me for an important discussion of optimizing exercise for the female body, menstrual cycle, and hormone cycle! Is it possible to exercise less, eat more, and lose weight at the same time? Tune in to find out!

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Topics discussed in today's episode:
  • Kitty’s diet history, her company and how she supports women
  • How Kitty was introduced to a healthy lifestyle
  • Why women end up in the cycle of getting to that “ideal weight”?
  • Why we need to eat more to help their body to survive
  • Myths about weight loss
  • Healthy and safe weight loss takes times
  • Importance of consistency for a healthy life
  • How intermittent fasting can affect your training goals
  • How to determine the balance between protein, carbs and fats
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