Episode 304 – Loki episode 1 & 2, He-Man trailer, Infinite movie


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Just in case you might of notice, it seems as if we skipped 303. That is not the case. Episode 303 is only on Facebook. Consider it a special episode! On to episode 304. Lots to break down this week. First we start with an unexpected trailer, Masters of the Universe: Revelation.

The trailer was released to everyone’s surprise as there really wasn’t much talk about a He-Man reboot. Well leave it to Netflix to correct that issue. The podcast seems to be aligned on this one. What did we say about the reboot? Were we impressed or is this another cheap play to capitalize on merchandise? If there is anyone who can make this happen, its Netflix. And just in case you missed the trailer; here it is.

From trailer to feature film, we explore the newly released Infinite on Paramount Plus.

This movie has 2 great actors in Mark Wahlberg and Chiwetel Ejiofor. Did the movie live up to the actors reputation? Is this movie worth the watch? One things for sure, someone on the podcast did not watch it. You may be surprised on who it might be.

On to the main feature, Disney’s Loki.

We explore the first 2 episodes and give our debrief of what we thought. Does this show stand up to WandaVision as well as Falcon and the Winter Soldier? What did Rotten Tomatoes give it? Will it be the highest rated of the Disney shows or will it just fall flat? One things for sure we did not have a shortage of comments. The main question is, was it the right comments.

This wraps up this weeks episode and if you enjoyed it, then join us every Tuesday at 9pm on Facebook. See you there.

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