406: Seifu Singh-Molares on Spiritual Direction


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Reverand Seifu Singh-Molares is the Executive Director of Spiritual Directors International and an ordained Zen Buddhist Priest. He’s a practicing Spiritual Director and Companion and motivational speaker. In a previous life, he was an executive at Microsoft where he successfully grew international groups and divisions and provided leadership to multicultural teams around the world.

In this episode, Eric and Seifu talk about the role of a Spiritual Director or Spiritual Companion in helping us find our way on our own spiritual path.

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In This Interview, Seifu Singh-Molares and I Discuss Spiritual Direction and …

  • That we have choices and we become our intentions
  • What the terms Spiritual Direction or Spiritual Companion means
  • The role of deep listening in Spiritual Direction
  • The intimate infinite
  • The difference between a Spiritual Companion and a Priest or Reverend
  • What goes on during a Spiritual Direction session
  • The role of relaxing into the unknowing to find our own way
  • Learning to live into and love the questions of our life
  • Finding authenticity in the world’s great religions
  • The mystery of the truth that love permeates the universe
  • What the word spiritual means to him
  • The role of music in his spiritual journey
  • His experiential shamanic education

Seifu Singh-Molares Links:

Seifu’s Website

SDI World




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