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Tim Marshall returns to the podcast!

To continue along with the international theme and enormous popularity of ‘Prisoners Of Geography‘, Tim Marshall recently published the natural follow-on to this wonderfully geopolitical lens through which to measure the world… ‘The Power Of Geography‘.

It is the themes within this freshly minted book those which Tim and I discuss in this interview. Tim comments on everything from Australia to China to the UK to MBS to Saudi Arabia and even to space. Tim even comments on an accusation often made against him that he is taking a geographical determinist’s view of the world – making for a very interesting consideration for what are the actual building blocks of the world we currently inhabit.

Tim doesn’t disappoint with his broad geopolitical erudition.

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  • 00:00 – Introduction
  • 06:54 – Donald Bradman (Greatest Cricketer Of All Time)
  • 10:43 – UK & Australia Pissing Off Their Main Trading Partners
  • 14:24 – On Geographical Determinism
  • 21:44 – The Time I Tried Exporting Kangaroo Meat To China
  • 23:56 – Ethiopia & Egypt – The Ultimate Example Of The Power Of Geography
  • 33:17 – MBS – Mohammad Bin Salman – A Figure For Good?
  • 44:03 – Tim Marshall On Space – The Expanding Frontier
  • 53:20 – My Ruminations On The Power Of Geography

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