Chatterbox #270 – The pros and cons of studying with videos


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These days, there are so many different sources to use when studying language. That’s both good and bad. There are pros and cons when you study with movies, TV, the internet, or any other kind of listening material. In this Chatterbox episode, Andrew and Kassy dive deep into the positives and negatives of these different ways of studying.

Chatterbox is a series for higher-level learners to follow the natural speech of Culips hosts. The hosts share expressions such as without further ado, to sulk, and auditory. Give a listen to hear how the hosts use these expressions and what they sound like.

Fun facts

Despite the development of study materials on the internet and in the media, the textbook industry still makes a lot of money. In 2019, the publishing industry made $8.38 billion US selling textbooks!

Expressions included in the study guide

  • Without further ado
  • Auditory
  • To sulk
  • To avoid a trap
  • To be pushing [a number]
  • To be represented

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