6Q w/Scott Rogers, Game Designer, Author, Educator, Podcaster, Former Disney Imagineer


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Where he wants to be found on twitter @mightybedbug and Facebook
Podcasts: Ludology, Fillory and Father
Q1: 2:44 From illustration to film to games
Changing mind at school
Scott’s apprenticeship
Q2: 6:20 Don’t have to wait to create
New reality about creating games
Creating video games v. board games
Q3: 10:25 Death Row Meal
Favorite game night snacks
Q4: 12:22 Curiosity create Games
Q5: 13:54 Read the book and Watch the movie
Q6: 16:09 Safe Scares and Giving
The unfortunate missing element of holidays
Final Word: Finish YOUR Creation
Your secret weapon

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