Preaching Religion in the Bright Fog of Secularity: Jordan Peterson and Bari Weiss


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I thought @Jordan B Peterson and Bari Weiss had a terrific conversation. The both occupy the moderate left that has been exiled by the rise of weaponized critical theory and polarization. They're both compelling speakers.

I seriously considered just diving into this 2 hour plus monster of a supposedly one question talk "Why Bari Weiss left the New York Times?" but it was simply too good and too massive. So I'm beginning with the most important thing to notice here. This is all about a religious transition. What is unseen is THAT it is a religious transition but both Weiss and Peterson are a bit hesitant to really call it such because of the nature of secularity which is really a Christendom fog. That fog affords a degree of lubrication because of pluralism but it is going away as purity forces demand a realm of light and darkness.

So this is just the beginning of my treatment of this excellent conversation. Tom Holland The Rest is History Culture War Ross Douthat

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