EYL #137 Steve Stoute on Independence, Marketing, & Culture


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Steve Stoute has helped shape the culture for over 30 years. He's responsible for making Nas a mainstream artist, he's the brains behind corporate partnerships with Reebok, Jay-Z, and 50 Cent, he's a pioneer in building a bridge between the corporate world and Hip-Hop, and is wildly considered a marketing genius.

Aside from advertising, he's responsible for introducing several artists to the world of venture capital, including Nas. His most recent venture United Masters, is a new age record company for independent artists that allow artists to distribute their music to streaming services while retaining ownership rights.

In EYL 137, we covered everything from the benefits of being an independent artist, advertising, bringing corporate to culture, the current state of record companies, venture capital, the financial literacy movement, and more. #stevestoute #unitedmasters #marketing

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