The Sacred Power of Cacao with Christine Hernandez


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CHOCOLATE! It’s one of the most popular sweet treats all over the world — And I’d be surprised if you said you didn’t love to enjoy it from time to time… I know I do!

But why am I talking about chocolate right now?

Well, one of the main ingredients found in chocolate — cacao — has a LOT more benefits than you might think. It’s actually been used in sacred ceremonial settings since ancient times to enhance our connection to Mother Earth and invoke feelings of ecstasy.

In this week's episode author, founder, and “cacao goddess” Christine Hernandez shares the transformative powers of cacao and how you can incorporate this medicine into your own life.

In this episode you’ll hear:

  • Why Christine says that cacao not only changed her life, but saved it [0:57]
  • The way she came to realize that it was a big part of her ancestry and family history [4:12]
  • What you can expect when taking the medicine, and what Christine’s own ceremony process looks like [7:48]
  • Her thoughts on mainstream cacao, plus why it matters so much where your cacao comes from [13:41]
  • The positive changes in the younger generation that Christine is seeing in terms of their knowledge of, and respect for, the medicine [26:36]
  • How she is now making her Maltyox Method accessible to even more people [28:49]
  • What Christine does to connect to her sensual, feminine, and divine self [30:28]
  • Why allowing ourselves to play more is so important for each one of us [34:21]
  • Exciting announcements Christine has about the republishing of her book [37:02]

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