Ep 286: How to find those hidden gems


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If you've been listening to podcasts or tearing through a new series on Netflix instead of picking up a book, we're here to cheer you on (really)! Different forms of art and storytelling can be a refreshing change of pace for avid readers, and taking a break from the books might even benefit your reading life in the long run.

But today's guest came to us with a request for books that will hold his attention and get him back to turning the pages instead of pressing play on another podcast episode. In addition to podcast listening, youth services librarian Hamid Printer enjoys recommending adventurous, exciting books to readers of all ages and hosting epic fantasy game nights for friends.

Anne has a whole lot of books to share with Hamid that will hopefully rival even the most immersive game night or absorbing podcast episode.

Head over to the show notes page on our website for all of the books, podcasts, and games mentioned in today's show.

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