EP2 - Wait, We're Not Rich?


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Growing up in Washington Heights with no worries in the world, Candice always assumed that her family was rich… But little did she know of the financial hardships that her single mother was going through during her entire childhood. In this episode, Candice shares how she slowly but surely unraveled the reality of her family’s financial situation. She also shares the lessons learned from her hustler of a mom as well as from her own childhood and teenage experiences with money. Learn why it’s so important to have financial education from a young age, but also that no matter how old you are and where you are in life, it is never too late to start building your wealth!


  • Being raised by a single parent.
  • The importance of early financial education.
  • Why it’s never too late to start your financial journey.
  • The mission behind the Money Mindset Queen.


“I want you to know this is a great time to be alive. There are so many side hustles out there, there are so many opportunities to get money if we are willing to share our gifts with the world.”


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