Emotional Intelligence, Manifestation & Self-Validation – with Jenni Nowlin


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Jenni is a self-love empowerment leader who helps woman heal, honor their story, step into their desires and live their most aligned lives through human design and akashic readings.

Her spiritual awakening journey started in her mid 20’s when she was not in a happy place but decided to make a dream board and realized when she looked at it, it made her feel good, so she kept looking at it. Within 6-12 months, everything on the dream board came into her life. She realized that she had the power to create her life by what she thought and focused on.

We discussed the magic of concentrating on your desires, how we are evolving as parents not to discourage our children as we were, how to trust your own intuition and shed the need for external validation and protecting our energy.

Jenni shared what personal growth means to her – emotional intelligence and recognizing that our emotions are triggers of past traumas and limited beliefs.

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