How DocuSign Defines Digital Experience With Robin Joy


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Digital experience is all about giving people the best experience with as little friction as possible. DocuSign uniquely excels in this regard with a core product that is itself digital. Through its well-known eSignature product, DocuSign has become an early adapter of product-led growth before that very concept even existed. As people started to find themselves working remotely in the context of the pandemic, the company experienced an unprecedented growth in sales as people began to appreciate the pain point that it addresses. The company’s SVP, Robin Joy believes that even when the pandemic goes away, DocuSign will retain its command of its market because of the ease and efficiency that it offers. In this conversation with Rico Mallozzi, Robin shares how DocuSign defines digital experience, how her team has helped introduce millions of people to the platform through compelling web experiences, and how the company is gradually expanding its niche as a broader agreement cloud platform. She also discusses the role of performance marketing and enterprise tech and how best to manage leads between marketing and sales.

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