Ep 18 - Take a Drink - Celebrating the original Twin Peaks (plus culture round-up )


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Because it absolutely had to happen, Craig and James finally make good on their by now bulging bank of Twin Peaks references and direct their attentions towards that unique Pacific Northwest locale for an entire episode, with more to follow. Yep, to celebrate the fourth anniversary of Twin Peaks: The Return, our hosts are embarking on a deep dive of the revival in future episodes, and here do all the prep by looking back on the original show, revelling on some of the aspects that have made it a touchstone in their cultural lives for over 30 years.
PLUS, the usual round-up of current cultural goings-on, including Sons of Kemet, Stephanie Phillips' excellent book on Solange, and a healthy dash of politics.
Fellas, let's pack a lunch - we're going for a walk in the woods!

07:58 - Demigorgon Lovato
09:50 - fSkronkiety: Sons of Kemet, Damon Locks
17:40 - Why Solange Matters
23:50 - fDemocracy: Israel/Palestine; action in Kenmure Street
38:00 - Invitation to Love
40:00 - riffSobriety: Crypta
41:10 - Introductions, first impressions, formative effects
54:00 - Acting styles; study of grief; Laura as the nexus
1:02:20 - Cooper as an icon; relationship to Lynch
1:13:30 - Some other fave characters
1:17:50 - The careers of TP actors
1:21:00 - More fave characters; complexity; the sublime & ridiculous
1:45:40 - Seasons 2 & the conundrum of Leland's culpability
1:54:10 - The conundrum of season 2
2:07:40 - TP's lingering after effects
2:10:40 - Denise
2:12:40 - The legacy of TP in our lives
2:16:25 - FWWM/Missing Pieces
2:31:00 - Anticipating The Return
Comparing The Script and Final Version of Twin Peaks Episode 29 by Andrew Grevas:

Criminal Culpability in Twin Peaks by Ali Sciarabba and Mat Cult

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Steph Phillips on Why Solange Matters
Shabaka Hutchings of Sons of Kemet interviewed for Esquire
Sons of Kemet – Hustle
Damon Locks/Black Monument Ensemble – NOW
Crypta – Starvation
Free Palestine: An Interview with Akram Salhab

Glasgow's Tradition of Resisting the Home Office (New Socialist)
Red Condor Collective's Insight into Current Events in Colombia

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