Ep 28: Udo Erasmus the King of Fats!


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The benefits of omega 3-s range from reduced anxiety to brain health to decreasing inflammation, and many more in between! Shockingly, 99% of the population doesn’t get enough of this essential fatty acid. Instead, we fill our diets with other sources of oils which actually do more harm than good. On today’s show we are joined by Udo Erasmus, whose claim to fame is that he created a method for making oil with health in mind. Udo is driven by a deep desire to help people and he pleads with us to throw our frying pans away and start eating foods that are fresh, whole, raw and organic (as nature intended!). During this conversation we also discuss what makes us put on weight, the difference between food oil foundations and supplements, how our digestive system works, and even tips on preventing bad breath in the mornings. Tune in today to learn how you can find your way to optimum health!

Key Points From This Episode:

  • Eating fat is not how we get fat; Udo explains what actually leads to us putting on weight.
  • Numerous benefits of omega 3-s in terms of losing weight.
  • An explanation of the anti-inflammatory properties of omega 3-s.
  • The sensitivity of essential fatty acids.
  • Udo’s claim to fame; a method for making oils with health in mind.
  • Why we shouldn’t be cooking with oil, and what we should be cooking with instead.
  • How essential fatty acids work in our bodies.
  • Amount of omega 3 that we should be ingesting everyday.
  • Benefits of omega 3-s (not linked to losing weight); you’ll be amazed!
  • Food oil foundation versus supplements.
  • What happened to Udo when flax seeds were the only fat in his diet, and how he resolved this.
  • Fresh, whole, raw and organic; why these are the foods we should be eating.
  • Some fun facts about Udo’s life, on the eve of his 79th birthday.
  • The passion that drives Udo to do the work that he does.
  • Why Udo focuses a lot on digestion.
  • How digestive enzymes work and the most efficient way to use them.
  • Three main types of microbes, as defined by Udo.
  • Why our breath smells bad in the mornings, and how to prevent this.

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