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In Dr. Karl’s view, Dr. Gaby is singularly the most authoritative person when it comes down to what we know about supplements and their specific applications for various conditions. Dr. Gaby spent almost 40 years studying, accumulating, and applying various supplements. He has become the definitive source for determining what we know about supplements and how to use them to benefit us and improve our health.

We are currently a culture overwhelmed by the clever marketing of false information, particularly around supplements. Unfortunately, that information is full of specious claims that offer no solid research. That tends to leave most of us very confused regarding the truth about specific supplements.

Dr. Karl feels that he, too, would be lost regarding supplements without Dr. Gaby’s 1,458-page Nutritional Medicine textbook, which removes the fog of false claims and covers 400 different conditions. The book is Dr. Karl’s foundation for finding out what we know, what is safe, and the doses Dr. Gaby recommends after doing his research and valid studies.

Dr. Karl has had enough life experience to know that writing the book was a heroic undertaking for Dr. Gaby. Dr. Gaby’s book is a vital resource to help us manage our health and minimize the use of pharmaceutical medication, thereby avoiding any disastrous side effects.

Feel free to download some chapters here for free to experience the life-saving value of Dr. Gaby’s book, Nutritional Medicine.

Dr. Karl has no financial affiliation to Dr. Gaby’s book or his work. It is just something he believes in and trusts.

In this episode, Dr. Karl shares his final thoughts after his interview with Dr. Gaby.

Heroic work

Dr. Karl feels that by writing his book, Dr. Gaby has done some heroic work for humanity.

False information

Dr. Karl’s issue with practicing medicine today, as a naturopathic physician, is that there is so much clever marketing based on false information.


There is efficiency in getting information online. Dr. Karl often looks things up on PubMed. However, he cautions people that the information on PubMed is not always 100% true because it merely shares listings of ‘studies’.

Bogus studies

Many pharmaceutical and supplement companies now use PubMed, knowing that people will go there because they think of it as a better source of information. It is a good source of information, but unfortunately, some companies use bogus studies to create good abstracts that most people tend to believe.

Think for yourself

Dr. Karl urges you to think for yourself and learn to differentiate between what is right and wrong.

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