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Do you love Robots, 3D Printing, Inventing and general Maker Shop Talk?
If so, join Tamara Robertson (Mythbusters, Maker Science, Seekers of Science) as she kicks off with a Tech Talk about Robots then sits down with young Indigenous (Ojibwe) Educator, Inventor, Author, and Activist Extraordinaire Danielle Boyer
Danielle creates innovative and accessible learning solutions utilizing robots that she invents to reduce the barrier to entry to valuable technical skills for BIPOC (Black, Indigenous, and People of Color) youth. Founding the STEAM Connection, her educational nonprofit, has helped her reach children all around the world. From mentoring 35 youth robotics teams, to pursuing a future in engineering as a student, to working as a diversity champion and speaker, she is a tenacious advocate for the child she once was.
Topics they cover include (but are surely not limited to):
- Robotics
- Accomplishing the Goal of "Every Kid Gets a Robot"
- The Evolution of 3D Printing
- "Hands on Techie Talks" Podcast
- The Hangover Part 2
- Setting up your First Conference Booth
- Importance of Talking about Gender Barriers in Making
- Amazon to the Rescue
- The Pressure to Know it All
- Legos and Robot Sharks
- Raising Indigenous and Marginalized Voices
- Solidworks / Ada Fruit / FIRST Robotics / Makerfaire / Matterhackers
- Detroit Institute of Art / American Indian Science and Engineering Society / Natives in Tech
- Sarah Petkus' Robot Army
- Binge Watching Peacock, Hulu, and Netflix
... and so much more
This is the 2nd episode of Tinkering Belles and you're surely not going to want to miss it!
So join in on Tamara's adventure as a Maker as she works to amplify the BAMF Females Behind the Builds one interview at a time!
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You can follow Danielle's Robotic, Maker and STEAM Superhero adventures here, here, and here:
"Every Kid Gets a Robot" 501(c)3 nonprofit - STEAM Connection
Podcast "Hands-on Techie Talks"
Instagram - @DanielleBoyer / @STEAMConnection / @Handsontechietalks
Twitter - @DanielleBoyerr / @STEAMConnection
L'Oreal Woman of Worth Profile

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