The Midnite Half-Hour- Episode 6 -Trapped, The Comedy Edit


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The Midnite Hour- Episode 6 -Trapped-Where Tom and his Grey Ship get stuck in the ice.

A special comedy only edition of Huron City Radio's flagship spoof radio show, The Midnite Hour with Tom Bobbajobski!

Tonight it's the Genius of the Great Lakes Quiz!

"It's that time of year for the Annual Genius of the Grate Lakes Quiz, here, exclusively, on Huron City Radio. The four finalists will be joining us not just to compete for the prestige of winning the title, but also to receive this-unique- trophy, of -Jesus, what the- (back to normal) Of a brain, emerging from water, surrounded by loons and a smiling muskellunge, all hand crafted in epoxy resin by local artist, Petunia Avalanche."

Plus all the regulars- Tom's Top Tips, the Underwater Weather report, What's On in Huron City, the Competition winner, and, of course, Tom's Poetry Pocket and wisdom from Professor AV Moore.

Music is from Naysayin.

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*The show is rated explicit for content because Tom leaks the occasional profanity. That's all.

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