The Power of Curiosity and Why It's Important in Your Transformation Journey with Michelangelo Canzoneri


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Developing medicine is a complicated process and as technology continues to evolve, so do the development processes. As such, we're going to continue to see a rise in the intersection of technology, biomanufacturing, and healthcare. On this episode, we sit down with Michelangelo Canzoneri, Ph.D., to discuss some of these trends, how he's leading an operation model transformation at Merck KGaA to develop preventative, precision and personalized medicine, and the 10 Key Digital Pillars that they're using to create this framework.

As mentioned, Michelangelo is speaking at this year's Virtual Biomanufacturing Summit on April 27-29. His topic is focused on "Biomanufacturing 4.0 - How to Get There". You can register here.

Other topics include:

  • Michelangelo's favorite books: Start With Why by Simon Sinek, Dead Poets Society by Nancy Kleinbaum, A Brief History of Time by Stephen Hawking, and Thinking Fast and Slow by Daniel Kahneman
  • The personal reason for why Michelangelo got started in the technology and biomanufacturing space
  • The most important qualities of leaders
  • Why he believes curiosity is one of the biggest skills and perspectives to have in life
  • How technology is driving data quality, connection, integration and more at Merck KGaA
  • What it means to build a digital continuum
  • The benefits of data modeling and digital twins
  • Why it's important to demystify digital and how to do it in tangible ways
  • What to be excited for in the future of healthcare and technology
  • The importance of education and being a passionate leader throughout your career

About Michelangelo: Michelangelo Canzoneri is a proven digital leader who is passionate about improving and enhancing the patient experience across the digital continuum. He has expertise in optimizing and transforming the operating model of healthcare and pharmaceutical businesses, while conceptualizing and creating new business models. He leads the digital transformation at the Healthcare business of Merck and is based in Germany. An expert in bioprocess engineering and bioprocess optimization, Michelangelo has fundamental experience with developing and industrializing scalable manufacturing processes from pre-clinic to clinical trials Phase III, including good manufacturing practices. He has created and implemented the vision for a Factory 4.0 and the Lab of the Future, including smart processes for manufacturing and formulation protocols, a platform for end to end innovation across technology domains, and seamlessly integrated digital analytics and intelligence operations. Michelangelo has successfully broken-down silos within R&D and manufacturing, saving billions of euros through new technologies, and efficiency improvements. As a leader in knowledge management, Michelangelo is paving the way toward preventive, precision and personalized medicine through the integration of science and technology with digitization. Michelangelo obtained his PhD in Bioprocess Engineering at the University of Bielefeld, Germany and before joining Merck, he held positions at Kourion Therapeutics AG in quality control and Sanofi, where he worked transversally in R&D, Industrial Affairs, Technology and Innovation, and Digital Transformation. Michelangelo is a strong supporter of education and training students, and bridging academics and industry. He is a Professor at Frankfurt University of Applied Sciences, Germany and a Guest Lecturer at Massachusetts Institute of Technology, USA. Michelangelo holds several patents, including a micro bioreactor developed together with MIT. Michelangelo is fluent in German, Italian and English.

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