P130 - Dust in the Air | Chris Pierce


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How'd it get so bad you ask? It's been burnin' for a while You say it's in the eye of the beholder Well I'll just go and check No it ain't no chip up on my shoulder That's your boot up on my neck -Chris Pierce, It’s Been Burning for a While Kill the Bill | Lee Brickley : Surveillance Capitalism | Evan Greer : Spotify is Surveillance Like Sparkle Dust | John Trudell & Bad Dog : Wazi's Dream Dust Storm Disaster | Joel Rafael : The Songs of Woody Guthrie, Vol. 1 & 2 Smell It In The Air Master new | Ryan Harvey : Bad Air | Dapp Theory with Bruce Cockburn : Y'All Just Don't Know Bastards & Bitches | Keegan McInroe : A Good Old Fashioned Protest American Silence | Chris Pierce : American Silence It's Been Burning for a While | Chris Pierce : American Silence How Can Anybody Be Okay With This | Chris Pierce : American Silence Will You Be My Army | Chris Pierce : When the Hustle Comes to a Stop Who Controls the Past | Consolidated : We're Already There How I Long For Peace | Peggy Seeger : First Farewell #PoliticalMusic Polyrical.com movingtrainradio.com

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