The Future of Growth in the Security Services Industry with Nils Welin, CEO of ProGuard Security Services


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Nils Welin is a highly accomplished serial entrepreneur and the CEO of ProGuard Security Services, a company that provides personalized and professional security services to the San Francisco Bay Area. He is also the Founder of EON Venture, a specialized investment company that provides strategic growth and business development guidance. Nils currently serves as a Board Member at the California Association of Licensed Security Agencies, Guards & Associates (CALSAGA) and is a Board Member at the Squaw Valley Alpine Meadows Foundation (SAF).

Nils is an authority in sales and marketing with the expert ability to develop new teams and companies. He is skilled in generating ROI by focusing on the strengths within a company and applying new strategies.

In this episode…

As the pandemic swept through the world and enforced change, in more ways than one, industries have adapted and found new strategies for growth. For the security services industry, there has been an increasing demand as tensions rise in regards to COVID-19, racial injustice, and political unrest. How is the industry changing, and what are the plans for future growth?

Nils Welin is in the security services industry in the San Francisco Bay Area, and he has witnessed the challenges and transformations taking place over the past year. As the pandemic shut down businesses and increased health and safety risks, security companies began focusing on training, protective equipment, and workplace adjustments. Now, Nils and his team are looking ahead at the future of technology to aid their development plans.

In this episode of Watching Paint Dry, Greg Owens is joined by Nils Welin, serial entrepreneur and CEO of ProGuard Security Services, to talk about changes taking place within the security industry. Nils discusses the obstacles his company’s faced, security robots and the future of technology, and how you can start your career in the security services industry. Stay tuned!

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