Generating $2M In Consulting Revenue In 18 Months With Shiv Narayanan: Podcast #181


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Saying no to revenue is the hardest thing to do, but sometimes you have to do it in order to build a more sustainable business. This is one of the things that Shiv Narayanan learned on his way to generating $2 million in consulting revenue for his B2B SaaS startup. The founder and CEO of How To SaaS, Shiv developed high-performance marketing systems that drive revenue growth. These systems helped him lead his company in a staggering growth from zero gains to seven figures in a span of 18 months. If that’s not enough to make you wonder what these marketing systems are all about, you should know that Shiv did this without the benefit of having a sales team! Join in as he explains these systems further in this conversation with Michael Zipursky.

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