Former Chief Justice Beverly McLachlin on her journey to the Supreme Court as a woman in a man’s world


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Former Supreme Court Chief Justice Beverly McLachlin has shown women how to reach the top in spite of the insecurities and the struggle for perfection. Don’t miss this podcast as she shares the important history of the ‘Famous Five’ and how even though women have come along way, there’s still a way to go. As one of the few Chief Justices in history who is also a mother, she offers advice on parenting in the midst of the busy-ness and struggles of life. Learn about her brilliant response when Simon’s named a bra after her without her permission! It’s a good story with a positive outcome. And finally this, from her most recent book, ‘Accept imperfection. Embrace risk. Have the courage to fail and the strength to pick yourself up and start over. Do your best and move on.” There just is no better advice. For more medical legal education, visit our website

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