A Deep Dive Into BPD, Splitting, Projection, Anxiety and Therapy - Jon Frederickson and Imi Lo


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Today, we are talking to Dr. Jon Frederickson. He is a therapist with over 25 years of experience, especially specializing in working with people with personality disorders. Jon is also the founder of Intensive Short Term Dynamic Psychotherapy. It is based on psychoanalytic ideas such as transference and defense mechanisms but is renewed into a much more active and pragmatic format than traditional psychoanalysis.

In this conversation, we dived deep— deeper than ever, into topics such as: Borderline Personality Disorder, complex trauma, defense mechanisms such as splitting and projections, and how relational therapy works to heal your childhood.

Honestly, it was like I was receiving the most insightful supervision from a wise sage! There were also moments in the conversation where I felt quite vulnerable, as I shared my frustrations as a therapist.

You will basically hear two therapists having a frank and in-depth dialogue about the following questions:

— Why your therapist’s blank screen approach does not work?

— What happens if you don’t know what to talk about in therapy?

— Should you or your therapist be in the driver’s seat?

— Why a ‘diagnosis of Borderline Personality Disorder may not be what you think

— Do most therapists underestimate how much anxiety you have?

— What is projection? What is splitting?

— How personality differences with your parents can hurt you

— Why some of us are afraid of dependency, including dependency on our therapist.

I could talk to Jon about these complex dynamic topics forever, I think I may have to invite him back for a second round!

But for now, I hope you enjoy this deep dive and learn something from it!
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