Episode 59 The Millionaires Issue: How Brainwork = Wealth


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Why do high-earners often feel unsuccessful? In fact, high earning individuals are often unhappy and feel like they are butting heads with a glass ceiling. So often we get caught up in the idea that wealth is only about money. What if the way you think about money is keeping you from your next level of wealth? In this Uplift Kitsap, we’ll talk about ways to get your thought life to start paying you dividends.
How do you define wealth?
Are your thoughts accidentally slowing you down?
What if volatility (in life, in investing, in business) is an asset?
Matt Augspurger
Seeing a growing need for strategy and specificity in financial planning, Matt opened his own financial planning business in 2008 from scratch, by referral-only. In 2011 Matt joined forces with Nepsis, Inc. to deepen research capabilities and refine money management, which gave him the ability to focus specifically on building financial plans and helping clients hit their goals.* Matt has a drive for helping families and local business owners. He has numerous accolades including Leadership Kitsap’s prestigious “20 Under 40 Award,” and in Kitsap Daily News’ popular “Best of Kitsap,” Matt was voted Best Financial Planner in both North and Central Kitsap for 2020.

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