“The Role of a Farm Family Coach” w/Elaine Froese


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In this week’s episode, Tracy speaks to Elaine Froese about “The Role of a Farm Family Coach”. Have you ever heard the term coach and wonder just what exactly the benefits of hiring a coach are? If so, this episode is for you. Elaine Froese is known as “Canada’s Farm Whisper” and has worked as a farm family coach for decades. In today’s episode, Tracy and Elaine chat about:

  • What exactly a farm coach is and how they help farm families strengthen their farm family business.
  • Elaine shares some of the many reasons that farm families hire her.
  • We discuss the benefits of hiring a coach and how her proven processes move families from challenges to solutions.
  • How coaching gets you unstuck when you are caught in the trap of doing it on your own and mustering through.
  • Tracy shares some of the concerns that she had when she first hired a coach for her business. Concerns over privacy and judgment often keep us stuck and stops us from asking for help.
  • They review what it looks like to hire a coach, answering many of the unknowns and questions that farmers often have around hiring professional expertise for their farming operation.
  • Most importantly, they talk about the breakthroughs that can happen through coaching, and Elaine shares a few of her #healingstories4ag.

Coaching is quickly becoming an increasingly popular strategy for top-performing farms that want to successfully work together and transition healthy, happy, and financially viable farmers. Don’t miss this episode with Canada’s one and only “Farm Whisperer,” Elaine Froese.


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FREE Discovery Call: Elaine offers a free consultation if you are interested in learning more about her services. You can connect with Elaine here https://elainefroese.com/contact/

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