Navigating College Admissions In A Post Varsity Blues Scandal & Covid World


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The Varsity Blues scandal blew the lid off the college admissions process two years ago this month. For many parents, the scandal underscored what they already were feeling: the process of getting your kid into a good college is not only challenging, it can be unfair — and even corrupt. With deferrals, postponements and no standardized testing, COVID has made the process even more challenging.

In this episode, college admissions experts Cynthia Muchnick and Jenn Curtis address how to best support your child through the process as well as how the scandal and Covid have impacted it. Cynthia and Jenn are the authors of The Parent Compass: Navigating Your Teen's Wellness and Academic Journey in Today's Competitive World named the number one Best Parenting Audiobook in 2021 by Book Authority.

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