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After saving the tree in our front yard, I saw how we can do similar steps in saving our own lives letting us “spring forward”.

Four Steps to Saving Your Own Life (based on saving the “tree” in our front yard)

1 - Decide Which “You” Dies / Lives

We have different versions of ourselves. Just like different “trunks” coming from the bottom of a split tree, we need to decide which one we will focus on letting live.

If we don’t decide which version of ourselves will live / die, the other versions of ourselves will become underdeveloped and drain us. You cannot feed every version of yourself

2 - Cut Off The Other Versions of Yourself

You must decisively cut off the other versions of yourself. They cannot stay connected to you or else you will not grow to your potential.

3 - Cut Off The Suckers

Suckers are the branches that branch off existing branches underneath the healthy branch. They do not have access to the sun or potential to grow leaves / more branches so they “suck” the nutrients away from healthier branches with more potential.

Take some time to evaluate what parts of your life are actually “sucking” resources from you. They may be time, money, relationships,marriage, etc. Anything that may look healthy, but upon reflection, are stunting your overall development.

4 - Annually (Periodically) Cut Off The Lowest Branches

Though it may sound counterintuitive, they stop the top branches from growing even higher.

The bottom branches take too much resources from the top branches needing lots of resources to grow.

Remember… all that may have got you “here” may not get you “there”

Note: Make sure you make these changes “periodically” and “calculated”. Do them in a season of rest so you have time to heal / prepare for the new growth coming.

Also, do not cut off too much too quickly. Just as the healthy bottom branches got you “here”, they still offer lots of protection and resources for nutrients (leaves - photosynthesis). Cutting off too much will not give the new branches enough momentum / energy to grow.

Too much stability will stop you from “springing forward”

You need to carefully and mindfully “choose what to lose”.

Keep in mind: Stop comparing with “other trees”. Compare with your own growth. Take snapshots of your life and then evaluate it periodically.


Take 15 minutes and write down the different versions of you (split trunks). Decide which one of “you” is going to live (and in so doing, which versions of yourself are going to die).


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