Hoo dis? with Tash and Raven - Ep 44


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In this episode, we are pleased to have Raven Todd da Silva and Natasha Billson return to the Podcast. Raven is another OG from the early episodes, appearing on episode 9 and runs a very popular Instagram and Youtube Channel called “Dig it with Raven” and Natasha aka Tash was recently on episode 29, and runs a youtube channel called Behind the Trowel. If you follow us on Social Media, then you know that both of these archaeologists are a part of the Archaeology Avengers and we are super excited to have them back on the podcast. We discuss Netflix’s new hit movie, The Dig, and discuss the archaeology of the site on which the movie is based on. We also discuss how archaeology is portrayed in the media.

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  • Instagram: @tash_archaeo
  • Twitter: @Tash_Archaeo
  • YouTube: Behind the Trowel


  • Instagram: @digitwithraven
  • Twitter: @digitwithraven
  • YouTube: Dig it With Raven



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