S1E20: When is Vulnerability Bad?


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Scripture Referenced: Matthew 6:33; Proverbs 16:28

Sunday's Message: Dead In The Water? (Facebook) (YouTube)

There is a difference between “transparency” and “vulnerability”. One can be life-changing; the other has the potential of being life-damaging.

“Where there are no secrets, Satan has no power.”

Confidentiality is things said having the “confidence” they will not be repeated.

The hardest commodity to get back is not money. It’s trust.

“Cinco, Cinco, Cinquenta” - “Five, Five, Fifty”. It takes five years to gain trust. Five minutes to lose it. And fifty years to get it back.

“Wokeness” can bring out “weakness” because it can leave some / others unnecessarily exposed. Do we consider the collateral damage others may endure?

The past may describe us… but it won’t define us.

The world demands vulnerability of others… but defends it from themselves.

Transparency is controlling access to the unseen. Vulnerability is “trusting” access to the unseen.

You lose two things when things are disclosed. And depending on how important these two things are to you determines how “vulnerable” the things are:

1 - Context - you lose the ability to control the “why” behind the info

2 - Containment - you lose control of who knows.

The less you care about those two things, the less “vulnerable” you are and more “transparent”.

Transparency is not caring who knows. Vulnerability is choosing who knows, and how much.


Next time you want to say something, ask yourself this: “Is it my story to tell?”

If so, then to who and how much? Be in control of what is shared to who.


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