03/06/21: Dr. Kelly Prill from the Elemental Wellness Clinic | UNTANGLING YOUR WEB OF SYMPTOMS | Aging in the Willamette Valley


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In this show, Dr. Kelly Prill from the Elemental Wellness Clinic explains how she combines natural medicine with clinical neuroscience to treat the whole person.
She asks, “If you’re not feeling well, what does your web of symptoms look like, and how can we untangle it?” That’s the challenge taken up daily by Dr. Prill, a Naturopathic Physician and Functional Neurologist who specializes in helping people unravel confusing situations to find the root cause of their symptoms. Her method creates personalized plans that address things like headaches, lack of focus or concentration, brain fog, and anxiety. She works to prevent dementia by uncovering the root cause of these symptoms to help people feel whole and connected again. Don’t miss this fascinating show!

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