EP13 | After The Fire, West Warwick, Rhode Island with John Laurenti from WHJY Providence (part three)


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Part three of three. Over the course of this series of episodes, I wanted to peel back the layers of what a mess The Station Fire truly was, how we are still looking for answers, and how we are still clearing the debris of misinformation.
The Station Fire was 18 years ago. The fire killed 100 people, hundred of others were injured physically, countless others were damaged emotionally.

In this bonus sized episode I speak to friend and colleague, John Laurenti. We worked together at WZLX in Boston and, as you will hear, we have a long history and strong connections to New England radio. John has worked at WAAF, WBOS, WODS, WHEB, WGIR, and was at WHJY in Providence for 17 years.
He was friends with Mike Gonsalves, the WHJY DJ known as Doctor Metal, who was one of 100 who died at the Station. We talk about his memories of Doc, the venue, the fire, the impact on the community, the part live radio plays in times of disaster, the evolution of rock, and we name check about 20 radio people throughout. We spoke on the weekend of the 18th anniversary. This is our conversation, our long conversation. It was even longer. I edited for time.
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I reference this book - Trial by Fire: A Devastating Tragedy, 100 Lives Lost, and A 15-Year Search for Truth By Scott James - ScottJamesWriter.com
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