Coal, Mori, and Other Fossils (w/Stephen Stapczynski)


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Bloomberg journalist Stephen Stapczynksi talks about Japan's renewable energy goals, its nuclear power plants, and its dependence on fossil fuels. Oh and speaking of wastes of energy, Tokyo Olympics chief Mori comes up too.

Ollie gets into the renewable spirit of the show by recycling the contents of THIS EPISODE into this week's river cruise recommendation.

Bobby tries out a Clubhouse inspired river cruise company, then ends up endlessly switching boats because of FOMO.

Topics discussed on this episode range from:

  • Who to turn to when you need a Japanese apology, but you need it to work
  • What Bobby thinks is clearly the biggest draw of Clubhouse
  • The Tik-tok energy news crossover market that Stephen has tapped into
  • Academic/Informative Tik-Tok
  • Energy Futures investing as compared to the more attractive investment options like BitCoin
  • When Oil Prices went negative, and the difference between "funny" and "interesting"
  • JBRC Press Club reporting on Yoshihiro Mori who had announced his resignation announcement but had not yet announced his resignation when we recorded this
  • Where Japan gets its energy, and how much of it is renewable
  • The post-Fukushima state of Japan's nuclear energy and what its reactor reactivation tells us about its priorities
  • Why its not necessarily useful to compare Japan's renewable progress to other regions
  • What Japan's environmental goals are and how they hope to accomplish them
  • Why corporations pressuring governments to lower their emissions is not necessarily as disingenuous as it sounds
  • Why Japan has trouble moving away from fossil fuels
  • A VERY contentious claim about the amount of natural resources Japan has. If this is true, every Japan produced documentary about Japan will have to issue a correction.
  • What Japan needs to do to hit its emissions goals, and why that takes so long
  • Ollie plays nuclear advocate
  • What it takes to restart a nuclear reactor
  • Random Mori bashing, and how it, much like Mori, might not age well
  • How realistic the 2050 goals are, and how Japanese companies are pulling their weight
  • How Japan's standards for electrifying other industries compare
  • The potential economic benefits for Japan in investing in green technologies
  • A major source of Japanese power
  • Japan's impressive conservation ability

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Topics discussed on the extras include:

  • Who the Conbini Boys are making their Twitter content for
  • The Genkai Nuclear Power Plant, which is next door to Bobby's in-laws house
  • How Nuclear Power generates money for locals, and how this affects attitudes towards nuclear power plants
  • Trying to speak Japanese on TV
  • Ollie's disastrous first radio appearance
  • Bobby winning a debate in Japanese with a professor which he is rather chuffed about

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