S1E14: Helping the Hurting


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Discipleship is being “disciplined” to make a difference in yourself… and ultimately the lives of others.

Discipleship is more about “being” different than “doing” different.

Blue Monday: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Blue_Monday_(date)

We often make the mistakes of either helping people move “on” from their pain instead of moving “through” it… or trying to help people get “over” it instead of “through” it.

How To Help The Hurting:

1 - Ask them “what do you need” instead of “what do you want” or “how can I help”

Help them find the first step that they “need”.

Do not ask them if you are not willing to help. It shows you want to be there for them.

2 - Have a ministry of “presence” not a ministry of “problem-solving”

Difference between “coaching” someone or “counselling” them:

A coach helps “them” get better. A counsellor “helps” them get better.

3 - Let them live in the pain… but not lie in it.

If you don’t help them process their pain it will never be dealt with

Grief is having memories of those things one loved, cherished, lost, or gave value to.

Be cautious when you find people finding “comfort” in their “discomfort”. The pain will start to be what they feel “defines” them. Don’t camp there with them by fuelling it. Help them find their next step forward.

4 - Know Your Paygrade

Do try what you’ve Googled. Instead help them find the person(s) they can reach out to for help.

A way to help the “hurting” is to help them do the “hunting” for those who can help them.


Slow Down - practice active “listening” instead of active “fixing”

Look for “fixing patterns” in your life to break so you can actually help them.

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