140: Lipedema: Keto Is Part Of The Cure


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Happy New Year to all our listeners!

Today’s podcast is an important one for many people and specifically for the lady who sent Dr. Karl an email all about Lipedema, which he unfortunately lost and was never able to find again.

This podcast is about how Dr. Karl would approach things if talking to someone who needed help with Lipedema. His method is comprehensive and thorough, and it is way more helpful than just using Keto.

Nobody truly knows what causes Lipedema, so you have to take a broad look at the things that affect one’s immune system and the dysregulated ability to produce fat cells.

We are sure that you will find all this information very helpful if you are suffering from Lipedema.

The cause

To find the cause of most medical conditions, you need to look at your environment, which includes what you eat, what you breathe, what you absorb, what you are exposed to, coupled with your genome.

The obstacles to you living a healthy life

To live a truly healthy life, you first need to identify and then remove all the obstacles to you doing that.

Four stages of Lipedema

There are four stages to Lipedema. They involve the person getting gradually heavier, more awkward and unsightly, and the inflammatory markers getting higher and higher.

When Lipedema typically starts

Apart from starting in utero, Lipedema typically starts with women due to a shift in hormones. That usually happens around puberty, pregnancy, perimenopause, and menopause. Lipedema can also get caused by gynecological surgery or trauma.

The program

As part of Dr. Karl’s program, he does a big metabolic panel (or a lot of blood work). Having a broad perspective to look at gives him some clues, so he looks for things that are either way under or way over the normal range, and he also looks for related things that could show him something.

IGF (Insulin-like Growth Factor)

Hormones come into your body when you consume dairy products that come from commercially-farmed cows. From doing IGF for the last few years, Dr. Karl learned how to spot who consumes dairy in their diet and who does not. IGF for cows is the same as that for humans, so when we get IGF from the milk we drink, it amplifies our IGF production.


Dr. Karl has noticed that very heavy people have all come in with low glucagon levels. Those people also tend to be low thyroid or sub-clinical hypothyroid and have autoimmune issues.

Low carb diet

People with low glycogen are the kind of people who tend to have a difficult time producing their blood sugar. They also have a hard time transitioning to a low-carb or ketogenic diet, so they need to pace that change very slowly.


Testing the four panels gives Dr. Karl clues indicating how to address someone and move them towards removing their obstacles to cure.


If you are suffering from Lipedema, you do not need to jump immediately to a low carb diet. Although Keto is an important part of your future situation, it may not be something that you can do right away.

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