HBH 11: The Worst Year to be Alive Ever


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The whole world seems pretty down on 2020. And let's face it, so far 2020 has not distinguished itself for outstanding achievements in the field of excellence.

But is it, as some have argued, the worst year ever? And if it is not, which year carries that dubious honorific? Which year in history was the worst ever to be a human? Which year in the bigger history of forever was the worst ever to simply be a life form? And why?

Many historians have thrown in on this question. Here are some of their answers, and the current consensus champ of the worst historical year ever to be human. At the end I offer my contender for worst year to be a life form ever.

Graphic Art: Ian Armstrong

Music: Icy Vindur by A. Himitsu and Hard Times by John Lee Hooker

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