Honor Your Rhythm


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Honoring our rhythm is such an important part of our balance and wellness as highly sensitive people and Empaths. We don’t need to change who we are we just need to change our environment and how we take care of ourselves. Just like how we would create conditions for the orchid flower to bloom Brilliantly so must we create conditions for us to bloom Brilliantly. Give yourself more downtime and alone time to process and rest and restore. Give yourself slower mornings and check in throughout the day about how you’re doing and what you need. Give yourself daily nature time and grounding and meditation. To comment on episodes, leave me a voicemail, and explore all the episodes visit www.HSPpodcast.com Take the free Sensitivity Quiz and get the free guide that teaches a calming technique visit www.JulieBjelland.com --- Send in a voice message: https://anchor.fm/julie-bjelland/message

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