Biggest Mistakes with Blogging and Marketing with Matthew Laurin


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Matthew Laurin is the President of Esq.Marketing, a company that helps law firms generate more clients and cases using search engine marketing.

Matthew has been in the SEO business for over ten years. He possesses a long track record of repeatable success, achieving maximum ROI for SEO campaigns, and leading teams to execute simple yet effective campaign strategies.

In this episode…

Your website can be the go-to destination for people in your area who are searching for a personal injury lawyer. But, the problem is your website isn’t ranking for the keywords these people are searching for. Blogging is one way to correct that, but you already have an active blog and still don’t rank for these keywords. What are you not getting right?

Listen to this episode of the Esq.Marketing Podcast with Matthew Laurin as he talks about the biggest mistakes you can make when it comes to blogging and SEO marketing. Matthew uses different case studies to show you what works and what doesn’t, and how you can improve your blogging and SEO strategy. Stay tuned for more on how you can increase your traffic—and conversions—today!

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