134: The 5 Things That Metabolically Block People from Achieving the Results They Seek With Keto


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For some, this is the long-awaited topic, conversation, that many feel represents their experience most accurately. It's for the people who have endured the often unnecessary work of getting started with the Ketogenic diet only to have it become a thoroughly frustrating time and effort. For others, this might be too ‘granular’ in terms of talking about the specific variables required to create a successful outcome. For me, it has become a realization in my ‘quest’ of how to have Keto work for everyone (barring specific medical conditions). The realization is that living in a progressively more unhealthy world we have to think about what it takes to be truly healthy in a different light.

Please join me in this quick review of some of the main obstacles to achieving great results with the Ketogenic lifestyle. I’m sure some of this will apply to your situation.

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