S4, Ep.4: Why Positive Body Image Isn't About 'Liking the Way You Look' with Summer Innanen


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In this episode, Summer Innanen joins me, and we dig into why positive body image isn’t about ‘liking the way you look.’ We also explore separating your identity from your body size and food choices, strengthening your sense of self, and why accepting your body doesn’t mean ‘letting yourself go.’ Summer is a professionally trained coach through the internationally renowned Coaches Training Institute (CTI), who specializes in body image, self-worth, and confidence. She is the best-selling author of Body Image Remix and host of the podcast, Eat the Rules (formerly Fearless Rebelle radio).

More specifically, inside the show we talk about:

  • Why positive body image isn’t about 'liking the way you look'
  • Why our value doesn’t lie in our aesthetic
  • Separating your identity from your body size and food choices
  • Understanding your beliefs about yourself
  • Cultivating self-compassion in your thoughts and actions
  • Why accepting yourself isn’t 'letting yourself go'
  • How understanding intellectually that diet culture isn’t helpful is different than embodying this knowledge
  • What does taking care of yourself mean?
  • Why your health is not an obligation
  • The privilege in taking care of ourselves
  • Finding community

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