Sarah Bergakker: Finding Purpose & True Resilience in the Pandemic


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Sarah Bergakker is a certified registered nurse anesthetist (CRNA) and the founder of Mooxli, a company dedicated to providing self-care resources and continuing education for healthcare workers.
Mooxli is an acronym for 'MOve your mindset, OXygenate your soul, and LIve life differently'. It was born out of Sarah’s personal experience in the healthcare industry for the last quarter century, navigating through emotional, mental and physical challenges that her professional training didn’t at all prepare her for.

We talk about the prevalence of burnout, substance abuse and suicide among nurses and physicians and uncover the hidden feelings that many in this field keep bottled up for fear of going against the industry’s “There’s no crying in the ER” culture.

Inspired by her personal and professional contemplation, Sarah has created a safe and supportive community where healthcare professionals can learn how to care for themselves first, because it’s impossible to pour from an empty cup--even when running on empty has been historically rewarded.
Her team helps people process emotions, release the stories that they carry and navigate the moral dilemma of being asked to constantly choose the wellbeing of others over your own. Mooxli provides the tools of yoga, purpose practices and true resilience training through its online community, book clubs, retreats and continuing education workshops.
Instagram: @mooxli_
Youtube: Mooxli
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