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Evan Culver builds developer tools at Segment, a customer data platform that lets product managers and software teams understand their users through data.

Evan's career has spanned many years up and down the software stack, from frontend UI development to infrastructure and ops. For the past five years, his focus has been developer tooling and infrastructure, having worked on these during his tenure at Uber during its hypergrowth years and now on the dev tools team at Segment, where his charter is to "empower the engineers of Segment with the tools to automate, optimize, and streamline their workflows." In this episode, he explains to Beyang what exactly that means, discussing Segment's use of technologies from the AWS ecosystem, the popular open-source secret management tool they created, ChatOps, and various Docker- and Kubernetes-based tools that are useful for managing the deployment of many microservices.
Show notes and transcript: https://about.sourcegraph.com/podcast/evan-culver

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