No. 55 | Body Liberation: The Grey Area of Diet Culture and Anti-Diet Culture


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Join us as we have a chat about body liberation and navigating the vibrant grey area of diet culture and anti-diet culture as you end the toxic dieting cycle and discover autonomy.

Lucia Hawley is a functional nutritional therapy practitioner, women's health expert with a master's in social work, clinical mental health. Her mission is to teach dieters how to end the dieting cycle and lose weight for life. Her liberatory approach to nutrition emphasizes techniques that incorporate knowledge on not only how our bodies work, but how and why our bodies, minds, and spirits were all created to radically coexist in harmony. This empowers her clients to deeply understand their subconscious identities and habits, and to finally break free of the dieting cycle once and for all. Lucia hosts the Devoured Podcast, coaches clients in her Lean + Liberated Method, and enjoys getting outside into nature with her family and spunky dog in Portland, Oregon. **** PLEASE SUBMIT YOUR FEEDBACK, SUGGESTIONS FOR TOPICS AND GUESTS HERE.****

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