Self Evident Presents: "The Home Clock" (by A Better Life? podcast)


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When New York City became the epicenter of the coronavirus pandemic, Brooklyn-based producer Beenish Ahmed struggled over whether to visit her parents in Ohio or stay put. Her parents — a landlord and hairdresser who immigrated from Pakistan in the ‘70s — begged her to come home. When Beenish finally decided to go in May, she recorded that journey, and the discoveries she made about her family’s relationship to America.

This story is an episode we're sharing from A Better Life?, a new podcast by our friends at Feet in 2 Worlds that explores how America’s failed response to COVID-19 has reshaped immigrants’ lives and their relationship to the United States.

Here's the team behind the story, and many other stories and conversations that you can hear on A Better Life? wherever you get podcasts:

  • A Better Life? is hosted by Zahir Janmohamed.
  • This episode was produced by Beenish Ahmed.
  • It was edited by Mia Warren and John Rudolph.
  • It was mixed by Jocelyn Gonzalez.
  • Anna Dilena is our assistant producer.
  • Alejandro Salazar Dyer is our development coordinator.
  • Olivia Cunningham is our digital content manager.
  • Kenny Leon is our intern.
  • A Better Life?’s theme song was composed by Fareed Sajan.
  • A Better Life? is produced by Feet in 2 Worlds, an organization that has supported the work of immigrant journalists since 2005.

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