HBH 14: The Dumbest Things Ever: The Satanic Panic of the 1980s


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Ok, so it wasn't a world-historical level disaster, or maybe even close to the dumbest thing humans have ever believed.

But it was pretty stupid.

Nations gripped by a fear of covens of witches, repressed memories of ritual Satanic abuse, demonic rock-and-roll, ouija boards stealing your soul, and don't forget those blue-as-death animated corpses, the Smurfs!

All, of course, without any credible evidence whatsoever.

If you wonder where the Q phenomenon began, and how it can possibly have legs, look no further than the Satanic Panic.

This is an interview I did with Paul Corupe (http://www.paulcorupe.com/) since I seem to mostly interview men named Paul(?!). It was originally produced for the series on mob behaviors and mass delusions but I am releasing it now due to some sound glitches that took me a while to correct (and since it applies to this series also).

Buy the book: https://www.amazon.com/Satanic-Panic-Pop-Cultural-Paranoia-1980s/dp/1903254868

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