Andrey Plavinskiy - Between sky and earth #030 Anniversary Part1 (Podcast 28.11.2013)


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Дроргие друзья и гости моей страницы, я рад приветствовать Вас на юбилейном 30 выпуске "Между небом и землёй", который состоит из двух частей. Я подготовил для Вас, всё самое лучшее и интересное в жанрах прогрессив хаус и прогрессив транс. Надеюсь данные выпуски займут достойное место в Вашей фонотеке. Погрузитесь в атмосферу счастья, добра, бесконечного полёта и вечного позитива. Подписывайтесь на мой подкаст в iTunes ПРЯМО СЕЙЧАС !Становитесь участником в группе Всех люблю и обнимаю, с уважением Андрей Плавинский.02. WayWork, Cris Xalambri - Black Way (Beat Maniacs Remix) The 5th release of Stellar Fountain Deep comes from Argentina. WayWork and Cris Xalambi joined their forces, to take us on a deep, progressive trip called 'Black Way'. The package also contains remixes by Beat Maniacs and Cut Knob. 'Black Way' in original mix is the unique combination of melodies and feelings. The guys created a quite slow, 117 BPM tempo, with gentle soundscapes. Beat Maniacs created a pretty tune, with all the elements that required to be a dancefloor bomb. Cut Knob did what they know the best, draw a progressive picture with powerful textures laying on energetic beats. 05.Shingo Nakamura - There For Me (KIWAMU Remix) One of Silk Digital's leading lights, Shingo Nakamura, is responsible for our latest offering, "There For Me," which was initially previewed on Shingo's own "Only Silk 01" compilation. Since the debut of this album in late 2012, Shingo has become a co-host of the Frisky radio show of the same name and has continued to garner radio support from the industry elite. The Original Mix of "There For Me" transports the listener to Shingo's homeland of Japan, with sweeping chords and stunning cinematic instrumentation from start to finish. This is truly one of Shingo's most inspiring works to date, as it not only possesses a warm groove, but an intricate and richly melodic lead. Longtime contributor Monojoke, who has been supported over the years by the likes of Above and Beyond, Solarstone, Matt Darey, and many more, offers an ornate rendering. The talented Polish veteran once again masterfully enhances the rhythm, with a variety of "indigenous" percussive elements. Meanwhile, in the background, we are treated to the distant echoes of the main chord progression, as well as provocative pads. Finally, a breakthrough artist KIWAMU offers the first of two interpretations in the single; a fellow Japanese artist, KIWAMU has gained momentum this past year, with a variety of high-profile contributions to Otographic Music, the nation's leading progressive and trance imprint. His version is much more atmospheric and deep, but equally evocative. In the main break, the listener feels himself traveling across the fog-swept landscapes of the Land of the Rising Sun. 01. 00:00 Tomek - In Your Memory (Original Mix) (Labels Stellar Fountain Deep) [Release Date 2013-05-10] 02. 06:39 WayWork, Cris Xalambri - Black Way (Beat Maniacs Remix) (Labels Stellar Fountain Deep) [Release Date 2013-03-29] 03. 12:16 Ziger - Free My Soul (Eze Ramirez Remix) (Labels 3rd Avenue) [Release Date 2013-05-13] 04. 19:58 Stergios - Mindache (Monster Of Density Remix) (Labels Movement Recordings) [Release Date 2013-04-08] 05. 28:07 Shingo Nakamura - There For Me (KIWAMU Remix) (Labels Silk Digital Records) [Release Date 2013-05-21] 06. 35:19 Tweakers - Magma (Original Mix) (Labels OLD SQL Recordings) [Release Date 2013-04-22] 07. 40:24 Santiago Linguer - Sleep For Free (Labels Balkan Connection South Africa) [Release Date 2013-06-10] 08. 48:22 Shingo Nakamura - There For Me (Labels Silk Digital Records) [Release Date 2013-05-21] 09. 54:42 Talamanca - Secret (Stunson Remix) (Labels Portrait Digital) [Release Date 2013-04-12] Записано для Radio Mega Dance (St.Petersburg), EYE1RADIO (Amsterdam), TranceFan (Moscow) и Russian Trance Radio (Moscow)

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