Why are State Elections More Important than Federal elections? (Guest: Jessica Alter, Founder/CEO, Tech For Campaigns)


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Jessica Alter is the Founder/CEO of Tech For Campaigns. She was also one fo the first guests we hosted on 'This is Your Life in Silicon Valley'. A lot has changed in the three years since we interviewed Jessica - the organization she built grew massively. We ask Jessica why democrats are still way behind on technology, and why we should be worried about state elections.

We ask Jessica about why Democrats are perceived to be tech-savvy, yet spend very little money on digital tactics to help boost their campaigns. Jessica shares some shocking anecdotes of just how behind the Democratic party is when it comes to digital strategy, and why that's concerning for the long term future of the party (unless something is done now).

We dig into the importance of state elections, and why in many cases they ultimately determine the entire fate of the country. And how Republicans understood this early and invested accordingly. We ask how Tech For Campaigns is potentially turning the tide in this regard.

The podcast covers a lot of heavy subject matter, including the future of the country, climate change, and the current political environment. If you are a politics buff, and want to know more about the dynamics of elections, you won't want to miss this episode of This is Your Life in Silicon Valley.

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